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Successful buiding a 3 storey office using FETUBE paper concrete formwork system. It help to save construction cost and time yet giving us a finishing free surface.

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Paper Core
Paper Core- Spiral Type

Paper Core- Convolute Type

Special Finishing

Normal Paper Cores

Length: up to 10meter

ID: 10mm - 400mm

Thickness: 1mm - 20mm

Normal Paper Cores

Length: up to 2meter

ID: 110 - 1000mm

Thickness: 3 - 30mm

We are specialise in High End Performance Paper Cores

Seamless / Polishing

Bullnose or notching (feel free to let us know what you need)


Concrete Coloumn Forming

Paper Angle / Edge Protector

It is faster, cheap and greener to use paper concrete coloumn forming method to construct pour up or pour down concrete coloumn for buidings. Angle bars / edge protectors are widely use to protect the finish products such as the above.

Paper Pallet (2 ways / 4 ways)

Single Facer (Wrapping Your Products To Prevent from Damange) Die Cutting Products (almost any shape you need)

100 % recycable Paper Drums / Containers Paper Bobbins Corrugated Carton Boxes
Paper drums are used in wire industry, chemical powder, food favouring powder, Toys and any powder products. Paper bobbins are the next generation of green products to replace of plastic or wood bobbins for wire indsutry or any products which required rolling. Cheaper way of transporting products in a carton boxes. It is used in almost all kind of industries.
Slitting Services Paper Core Pre-cutting / Re-cuttingservices Sheeting Sercvices


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